Warsaw-2On 23 January, an IACA delegation led by Martin Kreutner, International Transition Team Chair and Executive Secretary to the Provisional Commission, met with Waldemar Pawlak, Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy. Deputy Prime Minister Pawlak commended the Academy’s work and disclosed that Poland is eager to strengthen ties with IACA.

In discussing various anti-corruption strategies he noted that “the effective implementation of quality management tools, such as the Total Quality Management in public administration is an important instrument against the risk of corruption”.  “Corruption is a phenomenon that needs to be addressed globally and through joint efforts”, Mr. Kreutner emphasized. “IACA appreciates Poland’s role in this context and will be pleased to see intensified cooperation”. Mr. Kreutner renewed his invitation to the Polish government to accede to the IACA agreement as soon as possible. During their visit to Warsaw, the IACA delegation also had the opportunity to meet with representatives from the Polish Ministry of Justice, the Employers Association of Poland, the Institute for Eastern Studies, and the Economic Forum.

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