corr11 logo ENThe 9th of December marks the International Anti-Corruption Day, annually observed since 2003. Despite growing intolerance, corruption continues to plague our world, our societies, and ultimately all of us.

It erodes ethical standards, impedes the rule of law and sustainable development, and allows threats to human security and social prosperity to flourish. This date serves as a strong reminder of our shared responsibility for raising awareness on corruption and transforming rhetoric into action, as merely thinking about it will not serve the purpose of preventing it or undoing the damage it has caused.

Following the adoption of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in 2003, the United Nations General Assembly designated 9 December as the International Anti-Corruption day for enhancing an understanding of corruption and the role of the Convention in preventing and combating it. The UNCAC, which entered into force in 2005, represents the first legally-binding, global anti-corruption instrument.