EPAC EACN Conference IIIFrom 22 to 25 November, IACA hosted the Annual Professional Conference and General Assembly of the European Partners against Corruption and European anti-corruption point network (EPAC/EACN).

Having brought together around 70 representatives from European anti-corruption authorities and police oversight bodies, the conference was dedicated to the exchange of experiences and latest developments in the anti-corruption field. Additionally, external speakers from the Austrian Development Agency, Council of Europe´s Group of States against Corruption, Embassy of the United States to Tajikistan, EU Fundamental Rights Agency, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the University of Graz, delivered presentations and facilitated lively debates on a variety of thematic issues.

The conference and General Assembly also provided the opportunity for the elaboration and adoption of key recommendatory documents on anti-corruption and police-oversight, intended to guide practitioners in rendering their work more effective and striving towards the establishment of common European standards. Together, EPAC and EACN serve as the largest independent forum for anti-corruption practitioners on the European continent, incorporating more than 65 anti-corruption authorities and police oversight bodies from Council of Europe and EU Member States.

On the evening of 24 November, IACA also provided the venue for Transparency International´s 2011 Integrity Awards Ceremony. This year, Cardinal Christian Tumi received the award in recognition of his bravery and relentless efforts to tackle corruption in Cameroon over the last 30 years. The Integrity Awards programme was launched in 2000 to honour individuals and organizations which have made an impact in the global fight against corruption, often at great personal risk. In particular, the awards programme aims to give greater recognition to journalists, civil society activists, and corporate whistleblowers.

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