From 22 to 25 November, IACA will host the Annual Professional Conference and General Assembly of the European Partners Against Corruption (EPAC/EACN) network. Initiated in 2001 and established in 2004, EPAC is an independent, informal network which brings together more than 60 police oversight bodies and anti-corruption authorities from Council of Europe and EU Member States.

A more formal arrangement based on EPAC structures, the European contact-point network against corruption (EACN), was established in 2008 through EU Council Decision 2008/852/JHA of 24 October. EACN includes 48 anti-corruption authorities from EU Member States and together with EPAC serves as the largest European forum for practitioners. This year´s conference, Standards in Integrity, will provide a forum for exchanging experiences and best practices in an effort to improve anti-corruption instruments and strengthen the fight against corruption in Europe and beyond.

In addition to the conference, Transparency International´s Integrity Awards Ceremony will take place at IACA on the evening of 24 November. The Integrity Awards were launched in 2000 to honour individuals and organizations which have made an impact in the global fight against corruption. To quote Transparency International, the overall goal of the programme is “to give greater recognition to the efforts of journalists, civil society activists, government and corporate whistleblowers who work to investigate and unmask corruption, often at great personal risk”. Nominations are open to the public, and each year the winner is selected by a panel of 11 renowned individuals from the anti-corruption field.