KlitgaardClose to 40 international participants took part in a two-day seminar last week featuring Professor Robert Klitgaard from Claremont Graduate University. Professor Klitgaard provided an inside view into the complexity of corruption cases based on his experiences in the anti-corruption field over the last few decades.

Preventive and curative measures for fighting corruptive systems formed the core of his interactive lecture, with case examples from Colombia to Singapore to the United States.

He discussed the ramifications and effects associated with measuring concepts such as corruption and shed light on the relationship between corruptive systems and market reforms, the information revolution, and globalization. The latest evidence on the importance of good governance for fighting poverty, enhancing investment, and improving public confidence was also examined. Participants, moreover, had the opportunity to hear about Professor Klitgaard’s internationally acclaimed book, “Tropical Gangsters”, and its recently published sequel, “Tropical Gangsters II”. This “Best of” seminar was the third in the series of seminars featuring the world’s most preeminent authorities on anti-corruption.