Martin Kreutner  Johanna Mikl-Leitner 2In light of the Austrian government’s renewal of support to IACA, Martin Kreutner, Chair of the IACA International Transition Team met with Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Austrian Minister of the Interior, on 8 September. “Austria strongly backs the Academy as a key global anti-corruption player and compliments its fast establishment and range of initiatives”, Minister Mikl-Leitner noted.

Mr. Kreutner emphasized the importance of having a unique, international educational institution such as IACA solely dedicated to preventing and combating corruption, and stressed that “international cooperation and the engagement of IACA´s Members, such as Austria, is a crucial factor for the Academy´s success and way forward”.  On behalf of the organization, Mr. Kreutner expressed his gratitude to the Austrian government in general, and the Ministry of the Interior in particular, for their noteworthy cooperation with IACA and for hosting the Academy in Laxenburg.