The ChaiChair of the Commission of Integrity of Iraqr of the Commission of Integrity (CoI) of Iraq, Judge Rahem Al-Igeeli and the Chair of the IACA International Transition Team, Martin Kreutner, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for fostering cooperation between the two organizations in the field of anti-corruption.

The Memorandum, concluded at IACA´s facility on 23 August, calls for the development of joint activities, exchange of best practices and promotion of institution and capacity building measures.

In referring to the Memorandum, Judge Al-Igeeli commented, “I am looking forward to cooperation with IACA, and the signing of this partnership agreement is a substantial step forward. This is an important Academy”. The CoI is an independent governmental body, established in 2005 and responsible for preventing and fighting corruption in Iraq. It relies on legal instruments as a means for implementing its functions.

In closing, the Chair of the CoI also informed on Iraq´s status vis-à-vis the IACA Agreement, confirming that the country´s ratification procedures are to be finalized within the next two weeks; a development highly welcomed by the Academy.