MACS vs. IACA Football GameOn Tuesday night, MACS participants defeated IACA staff 3:1 in a friendly football game on the home grounds of the Laxenburg Football Club. Former GRECO Chairman Drago Kos, also a (former) professional referee, mediated the game. Despite very high temperatures, all players showed great enthusiasm and gave their very best on the field.

The “fair play” character was evident in the fact that no yellow or red cards had to be shown throughout the game. The MACS team was led by Aaron Aboa, also a former player in the Liberian national Team, whereas Franziska Kandolf was the IACA Team’s captain. All three MACS Team goals came in the first half of the game, scored by Robert Schuetz, Daoud Hachemi and Thomas Mitscha. The IACA Team’s only goal came from a penalty shot taken by Bruno Ciccarini in the second half.
After the game, Mr. Kos shared his insight on corruption in sports and the betting industry. A well-deserved barbecue was also organized for all players and fans.