Martin Kreutner and Germán Vargas LlerasBetween 20 and 24 June, an IACA delegation headed by Mr. Martin Kreutner visited a number of senior government officials and anti-corruption bodies in Colombia, Ecuador and Panama.

In his capacity as Chair of the IACA International Team, Mr. Kreutner also had the opportunity to present the Academy at the Conference on the Progress and Challenges in Hemispheric Cooperation against Corruption, hosted by the Organization of American States in Cali.

The IACA delegation had fruitful bilateral discussions with, among others, Mr. Germán Vargas Lleras, the Colombian Minister of Interior and Justice, Mr. Alejandro Ordóñes Maldonado, Comptroller General of Colombia, Ms. Abigail Bezadón Cohen, Executive Secretary of the Panamanian National Council of Transparency against Corruption, and Ms. Marcela Miranda Pérez, President of the Ecuadorian Council of Citizenship Participation and Social Control. The series of meetings centered on IACA´s mission and initiatives, national anti-corruption instruments in Latin America, and the exchange of experiences. In Panama City, the IACA delegation received a guided tour of the envisioned regional anti-corruption academy, still under construction, and discussed possibilities for future links of potential cooperation. Furthermore, in Colombia and Ecuador, respectively, Mr. Kreutner extended invitations and clarified questions concerning these states´ possible accessions to the IACA Agreement.

Conference on the Progress and Challenges in Hemispheric Cooperation against CorruptionPanamanian National Council of Transparency against CorruptionMarcela Miranda Pérez and Martin Kreutner