IACA and the World Bank sign an MoUThe Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) of the World Bank Group and IACA entered into a Memorandum of Understanding in Laxenburg on 28 February 2011.

The two organizations pledged to support one another in the prevention of and fight against corruption, and to work together in fostering anti-corruption integrity initiatives, training activities and research.

Mr. Leonard McCarthy, the World Bank’s Integrity Vice President, stressed the importance of the often-undermined role of the private sector in contributing to sustainable governance, and congratulated IACA on its inter-sectoral approach. “I will be delighted to see this place crowded, filled with students, practitioners, academics and researchers from all over the globe”, Mr. McCarthy noted in his closing remarks. Mr. Martin Kreutner, Head of the IACA Transition Team, expressed that the Academy looks forward to closely cooperating also with the INT arm of the World Bank Group, particularly in “assisting states and institutions in promoting integrity and sustainability, and empowering anti-corruption busters from all corners of the world”.