The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Depositary provided a venue for six new signing ceremonies just before Christmas as Brazil, Israel, Moldova, Mozambique, Slovakia, and Turkey became Signatories to the IACA Agreement. Now that the number of Founding Members is 49, IACA is optimistic that the 50 member landmark will be reached shortly. 

The IACA Agreement was formally signed on 21 December 2010 by Ambassador Aviv Shir-On from Israel, Ambassador Dr. Marcel Peško from the Slovak Republic, Ambassador Valeriu Chiveri from the Republic of Moldova, and Ambassador Tomur Bayer from the Republic of Turkey. The last two countries to join the IACA family before Christmas were Brazil, on 22 December 2010, and Mozambique, on 23 December 2010. The Agreement was formally signed by Ambassador Cezar Zelner Gonçalves on behalf of the Republic of Brazil and by Ambassador Carlos Dos Santos on behalf of the Republic of Mozambique.