The Siemens Integrity Initiative announced a contribution of 2 million USD for two specific IACA activities over a period of five years. The funds are dedicated to support the Academy’s International Anti-Corruption Summer School and to grant scholarships to students and participants from least developed countries (LDCs) and emerging markets. The Academy welcomes Siemens as a further crucial partner and looks forward to strengthening cooperation with the private sector.

The Summer School will take place annually at the Academy’s facility in Laxenburg and serves as a platform for strengthening ties with anti-corruption practitioners and networks. Grants for students and participants from LDCs are provided in order to ensure that people from all parts of the world have the possibility to participate in IACA’s activities.

The Siemens Integrity Initiative is part of the World Bank-Siemens AG comprehensive settlement. In 2009, the company launched a global initiative of 100 million USD to support organizations and projects which are dedicated to fighting corruption and fraud through collective action, education, and training. The World Bank audits the use of these funds and has the right to veto Siemens’ selection of anti-corruption projects receiving funds.


Siemens Press Release

The World Bank Press Release