From 25 to 29 November, IACA participated in the Fifth Session of the Conference of State Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in Panama City, Panama as an observer.


This biennial gathering is considered the most important international political event aiming to further efforts in the fight against corruption since the adoption of the UNCAC ten years ago. Many of the 170 States Parties, along with observers, civil society, private sector representatives, academia and the media took part. In the course of this five-day summit, some of the main issues on the agenda included the criminalization and prevention of corruption, enforcement, global partnerships and cooperation, asset recovery and technical assistance. Six resolutions and three decisions were passed under the umbrella of the Convention. In his address to the Conference, Martin Kreutner, Dean and Executive Secretary of IACA, stressed the importance of education in curbing corruption and furthering the goals of the UNCAC. “The time has come to ever more transform our words into deeds, into tangible results on the ground”, he stated. “How to strike that balance has become one of today’s greatest challenges, and IACA stands ready to contribute, ready to assist”.

During the conference, IACA held a side event on the very subject matter, where attendees had the chance to hear about its mandate as an international organization and educational institution, and the Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) in particular. A number of participants from the first intake of the programme were present to share their experiences and personal insight with the audience. Furthermore, two side events were co-organized with UNODC, the first on legal incentives for promoting corporate integrity and cooperation and the second on preventing corruption in public procurement systems. During the first side event, IACA gave an overview of its new training, Legal Incentives for Corporate Integrity Training (LICIT).

The second side-event also included the presentation of IACA’s Procurement Anti-Corruption Training (PACT), as well as a panel discussion in which course professor Christopher Yukins and PACT participant Max Kaiser Arranda contributed. Mr. Kreutner also served as the moderator of the panel, “Ways Forward in Prosecuting Grand Corruption”, which was held in the framework of GOPAC’s Fifth Forum of Parliamentarians. The discussion centered on whether the gravest acts of corruption should be regarded as crimes against international law, and whether the international community should be able to use existing international institutions to prosecute perpetrators of grand corruption.


Statement by Martin Kreutner, Dean of IACA and Executive Secretary to its Assembly of Parties