Martin Kreutner addressing the AssemblyThe second session of the Assembly of Parties started today in Bangkok, generously hosted by the Kingdom of Thailand. In his opening statement, Martin Kreutner, Dean of IACA and Executive Secretary to the Assembly of Parties, called for strong and stable ownership of the organization and urged Parties, Signatories, and stakeholders to financially contribute to IACA.

“We encompass half of the world’s population by way of our constituency countries by now”, he stated, “and we urgently need to fulfill our peoples’ just expectations, to strengthen IACA’s operational capabilities, to preserve its credibility and accountability, as well as its integrity and legitimacy.” The Executive Secretary stressed that IACA, having started out as an idea at a UN Congress in Bangkok a few years ago, has managed to transform itself into one of the leading global payers in anti-corruption with a strong international backing in no time. “The mandate that we have been given by the international community is too important to be compromised”, he asserted.

Over forty delegations from all regions of the globe are present for this session of the Assembly. A number of high-level representatives are set to address the plenary, alongside which various side-meetings and consultations will take place. The work programme for 2014 - 2016 and a budget proposal for 2014 are expected to dominate the agenda.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more details.

pdfOpening address by the Dean and Executive Secretary