Iraq became the 38th signatory to the IACA Agreement at a ceremony held at the Vienna International Center on 2 December 2010.

Judge Rahem Al-Igeeli, Head of the Iraqi Commission of Integrity, signed on behalf of his country. Judge Rahem Al-Igeeli. During the discussions held on the day of the event, the Iraqi delegation expressed strong support for IACA’s goals and reiterated Iraq’s keen interest in reinforcing its own expertise in anti-corruption. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) became the most recent (39th) signatory to the IACA Agreement. Madame Marie Claude Nkulu Mbayo, from Congo’s Cabinet of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, formally signed this legal document at the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs on 3 December 2010 on behalf of her country. The signatures of both countries present further proof of the international community’s acceptance and immense support for the Academy. In less than three months almost 40 UN Member States and two international organizations joined the IACA family. Several others have signalled strong interests in becoming Parties to the Agreement, some even before the end of this year, which would effectively make them Founding Members of the Academy.    

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