The partners of IACA have been stepping up efforts to promote the Academy and enhance networking among the major players in the anti-corruption world. Examples include the 19th session of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Vienna, Austria, on 21 May 2010;

the 47th Plenary Meeting of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) in Strasbourg, France, on 7 June; the Multidisciplinary Group on Organized Crime in Brussels, Belgium, on 10 June; and the International Investigators Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, from 16 to 18 June.

During the Nairobi visit, Mr. Kreutner met Kenya’s Minister of Justice, Mutula Kilonzo, who confirmed that his country “fully embraced” the idea of becoming a founding member of IACA. Kenya will be invited to join other founders at the Opening Conference of IACA planned for September this year. A new document, the M.A.D.R.I.D. Report, endorsed by the European Union Justice and Home Affairs Council, JAI 473, made explicit reference to IACA on 26 May 2010.