Thirty working professionals are taking part in IACA’s 2014 – 2016 Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) programme, including government officials, public relations officers, humanitarian workers, and compliance managers.

(The next MACS programme starts in October 2015, and the application deadline is 30 June.)

The participants were at IACA in April and will be here again from 13 – 24 July for the in-class phase of Module IV, which focuses on Anti-Corruption, Law and International Initiatives. We asked several of them to share their thoughts on the programme so far, and this is what they said:


KargboAlhassan Kargbo, Public Relations Officer, Anti-Corruption Commission, Sierra Leone

"The MACS programme at IACA has been an absolute game-changer for me. The content is rich and the in-class analysis is in depth and apt for anti-corruption crusaders everywhere. The professors are compelling and the learning atmosphere is terrific. IACA takes the enquiry into corruption to a different level. This knowledge is invaluable for the work I do. There is nothing like the MACS. It is simply brilliant."


ArchanaArchana Shastri, Integrity & Compliance Officer-Asia, MTU Asia, Singapore

“Participants from the corporate sector can benefit from the knowledge and skills gained through the MACS programme that can help them craft more effective compliance policies and trainings, and handle internal compliance investigations more skilfully to better contribute to the overall fight against corruption.”


CallanMichael Callan, Inspector General, Australian Armed Forces

“The IACA multi-disciplinary approach teaches students to develop active networks, inside and outside their organization, working at a national and international level to deter and disrupt corruption while at the same time developing a long-term strategy to build resistance to corruption.”


Malika Ait-Mohamed ParentMalika Ait-Mohamed Parent, Under-Secretary General, International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Switzerland

“Because of the specific spectrum of knowledge made available to participants, the MACS is an opportunity to incubate innovative thinking. The programme also gives access to a unique worldwide network of experts via IACA’s alumni.”


Pogerio Vieira dos ReisRogerio Vieira dos Reis, Principal Coordinator—Audit, Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Office of the Comptroller General, Brazil

"I really feel that the MACS experience can help me make a difference in my work, especially by thinking outside the box and proposing new approaches to typical Brazilian corruption problems, based on theories to which we are exposed during the course and that are discussed in the classroom among experts from all over the world."

 AlabsiMohammed Alabsi, Head of Anti-Corruption Department, Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Bahrain

“Completing graduate studies in the same area as my work will enhance my use of development tools to fight corruption. Since starting my studies at IACA, I have come to know many people of different nationalities and specializations. This has contributed to the exchange of information, views, and experiences, enhanced my knowledge, and opened up other possible cooperation aspects.”


The jurisdictions represented in MACS 2014 – 2016 include Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, El Salvador, Germany, India, Italy, Kosovo, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, and Uganda.