Independent External Auditors at IACA

A collegium of independent senior auditors spent three days on campus this week for the Independent External Audit of IACA’s financial statement for the budget year 2019.

This member state-owned function, which currently consists of auditors from Indonesia, the Russian Federation, and Thailand, is carrying out the audit in line with the Resolution on the Independent External Audit of IACA.

The external auditors were appointed by IACA’s Board of Governors (BoG) from senior members of national Supreme Audit Institutions or other suitable institutions of volunteering Parties. All external auditors, operating as a collegial body, act in their personal capacity and enjoy functional and organizational independence in conducting the audit.

The collegium is now compiling a report that will be presented to the BoG. The upcoming ninth session of IACA’s Assembly of Parties will subsequently be notified of the report’s findings.

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