IACA to Receive Funding Under the Siemens Integrity Initiative, Third Funding Round

IACA is proud to announce that Siemens Integrity Initiative will continue to support IACA activities under the Third Funding Round, with 1,5 million USD in the next five years. IACA’s Project Proposal, the ultimate goal of which is to put theory and knowledge into practice with real impact, was selected among 140 project proposals with activities in over 50 countries.

Within the five years of the Project, IACA will enhance the impact and promote the implementation of anti-corruption activities by empowering practitioners from Least Developed Countries as defined by the United Nations, and Emerging Markets, with merit-based scholarships through grants for IACA programmes. In this regard, IACA will train and educate participants in its academic degree programmes, Summer Academy trainings at IACA, Regional Summer Academy (RSA) and Regional Alumni Conference.

IACA already participated in the First (2010) and Second (2014) Funding Rounds under the Siemens Integrity Initiative, under which numerous activities were implemented to support the global fight against corruption.

The Academy is grateful to the Siemens Integrity Initiative for its continued support for empowering professionals to fight corruption, improving compliance, pursuing Collective Action Initiatives, and strengthening the global anti-corruption alumni network.

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