IACA’s Dean joined the leadership network of International Gender Champions

IACA’s Dean and Executive Secretary Thomas Stelzer became an International Gender Champion (IGC) under the International Gender Champions Initiative, a leadership network in Geneva, New York, and Vienna of female and male decision-makers working to break down gender barriers. Under this initiative, he assumed commitments to mainstreaming gender considerations into IACA’s academic programmes and trainings and to establish a Fellowship Programme for women in anti-corruption with the aim of increasing the number of women studying anti-corruption through awarding scholarships and work experience opportunities.

When joining the network, Mr. Stelzer stated: “I will prioritize the pursuit of gender equality and the empowerment of women in the fight against corruption. Gender and anti-corruption are mainstreamed throughout all the Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to being reflected directly in Goals 5 and 16 and their associated targets, and are on top of IACA agenda. IACA is committed to boosting the empowerment of women in the fight against corruption. Women in all spheres and at all levels of our society must be agents of change and agents of defeating corruption.”

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