MACS 2018 Module VII Opening

On 4 May IACA Students in the Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) programme have started with the online sessions of their final module, which focuses on corruption prevention and the future of anti-corruption.

On this first day of the module, the Dean and the Executive Secretary of IACA, Mr. Thomas Stelzer, together with Director of Academic Programmes, Mr. Pawan Kumar Sinha, addressed and greeted the students, wishing them success in their studies.

Online module sessions run from 4 to 22 May and include discussions on research methods, public procurement, corruption prevention in the non-profit sector, whistle-blower protection, successful anti-corruption reforms, collective action, and the future of the anti-corruption agenda. IACA online modules are organized using eLearning methods, such as discussion forums, interactive presentations, live sessions, exercises, and labs.

Lecturers for this module are Jeroen Maesschalck (Belgium), Max Kaiser Aranda (Mexico), Malika Ait-Mohamed Parent (Switzerland), Ashley Savage (UK/Austria), Gemma Aiolfi (Switzerland), Pawan Kumar Sinha (India), and representatives from the PWC office in Azerbaijan.

Students of this MACS 2018-2020 class are expected to graduate on 9 December 2020.

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