Module III Online for 2019 classes Opening

On 18 May Students of IACA two master’s degree programmes - International Master in Anti-Corruption Compliance and Collective Action (IMACC) and Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) - have started with the online sessions of their respective modules III, focusing on designing and implementing an effective anti-corruption compliance programme for the former and on corruption sociology, criminology and political science for the latter programme.

For this occasion, the Dean and the Executive Secretary of IACA, Mr. Thomas Stelzer, together with Director of Academic Programmes, Mr. Pawan Kumar Sinha, addressed and greeted the students, wishing them success in their studies.

These online sessions run from 18 May to 5 June and include discussions on risk assessment in the process of developing an anti-corruption compliance programme; risk management; anti-corruption clauses in contracts; due diligence and third party risk management; gifts, hospitality, donations, and charity; managing conflict of interest; corruption in public procurement – with business perspective included; compliance lab: conducting due diligence; corruption, power, and politics; corruption and development; illicit financial flows; the sociology and criminology of corruption; whistleblowing & whistleblowers' protection; collective action in fight against corruption; and research methods.

IACA online modules are organized using eLearning methods, such as discussion forums, interactive presentations, live sessions, exercises, and labs.

Lecturers for these two modules are Heike Böhme (Germany), Guillermo Jorge (Argentina),  Max Kaiser Aranda (Mexico), Ina Kubbe (Germany), Michael Levi (UK), Pallavi Roy (India), and Ashley Savage (UK).

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