IACA welcomes new students for their first online-taught Master Programmes 2020

Both programmes started in October 2020. They are delivered in an interactive virtual format with their first instructor-led live session commenced on 17 November 2020, on “Introduction and Politics of Corruption, Anti-Corruption and Reform.”

The MACS programme is developed mainly for public sector officials, and the IMACC programme is tailored for business sector professionals.

The principal discipline areas comprise political science, law, economics, and criminology of corruption and anti-corruption, ethics and compliance management, law enforcement and prevention.

The modules and courses of the programmes are delivered by the most renowned academics and practitioners of the relevant disciplines.

Furthermore, the two master’s degrees are two-year, in-career programmes consisting of seven core modules, an ongoing module on academic research and writing, instructions on teambuilding, networking and communication, and a master’s thesis  tailored for working professionals who remain fully employed while pursuing their degrees.

The programmes start in October every year, and applications are accepted year-round. 

Read more about the IMACC and MACS programmes on our website.

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