Thank You for a Great 2017!

Throughout 2017, IACA continued to empower anti-corruption and compliance professionals around the world, and in March it celebrated its sixth anniversary as an international organization.

 IACA’s senior management and staff would like to express sincere thanks to all the individuals and institutions who have supported us over the past 12 months: our constituency members, our Boards, our host country Austria, the county of Lower Austria as well as the local community of Laxenburg, the United Nations, Permanent Missions and Embassies, partners, faculty, students and participants, our alumni, and numerous other friends and stakeholders.

We would also like to extend our warm gratitude to those Member States and other stakeholders who have contributed financial and human resources to support IACA’s work throughout the year.

Among IACA’s international highlights this year were the Sixth Assembly of Parties in early October in Sharm El Sheikh, Arab Republic of Egypt, and the continued expansion of our constituency, which welcomed Guinea and Lebanon during 2017 and now comprises 72 Parties.

IACA continued to forge new partnerships and reinforced long-standing ones. In February the organization concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with INTERPOL, one of our initiating partners, paving the way for closer cooperation in the global fight against corruption.

Our programmes and activities also had a dynamic and successful year.

On 7 December IACA celebrated the graduation of the third (2015 – 2017) Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) class, including professionals from 16 countries around the world. The fourth and fifth MACS classes are well underway, as is the new International Master in Anti-Corruption Compliance and Collective Action, which is specially designed for practitioners involved with the business sector.

IACA’s third Regional Summer Academy earlier this month, this time for the Middle East, attracted 55 participants from 14 countries and jurisdictions and received highly positive feedback from anti-corruption and compliance professionals across the region. IACA also developed and delivered many tailor-made training programmes, with professionals from diverse backgrounds benefiting from IACA’s expertise during 2017. As a result, our alumni network has expanded to include more than 1,500 anti-corruption and compliance professionals in 154 countries and jurisdictions.

IACA received further UN recognition for its education and capacity-building activities in the field of anti-corruption and human rights, being explicitly mentioned in a UN General Assembly Human Rights Council Resolution.

In 2017 IACA also reiterated its commitment to the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) at the Conference of the States Parties to the UNCAC, as well as its commitment to the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Thank you all once again for your engagement and support, and best wishes for a happy and successful 2018!

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