MACS 2018-2020 Class back at IACA

IACA’s 2018-2020 Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) students, who come from 12 countries around the world, are attending the in-class part of the fifth module on Corruption, Compliance, and the Private Sector.

The module started on 14 October and it will end on 25 October. It covers topics including anti-corruption compliance management, corporate communications and trainings, risk assessment and management, conducting due diligence, monitoring and evaluation of the anti-corruption compliance programme, developing and role of the code of conduct in compliance, internal investigations, open source investigation, criminal liability of companies and settlements in corruption cases, crisis management and cooperation with regulatory and enforcement bodies, ISO 19600 Compliance Management System, and ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System. Lecturers were/are Martim Della Valle (founder of the Zenith Source), Milda Zilinskaite (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Georg Krakow (Baker & McKenzie), Lloydette Bai-Marrow (Principal Consultant and Founding Partner at ParaMetric Global Consulting), and Barbara Neiger (neiger.C advisory e.U.). In addition to our module lecturers, we had two special guests joining us from Brussels, Ms. Anny Tubbs (former Chief Business Integrity Officer), and London, Mr. Rahul Saxena (Group Ethics and Compliance Officer, British Petroleum), sharing their expertise on best practices on anti-corruption compliance.

The traditional international dinner of the MACS programme was very successfully blended with the module timetable and it once again provided a platform for students for networking and team building.

The students of the 2018-2020 class will be back to IACA in January 2020 for Module VI of the MACS programme.

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