The People’s Republic of China contributes funds to IACA

The People’s Republic of China has transferred EUR 200,000 to IACA. Part of this amount was dedicated to the development and implementation of a tailor-made training for anti-corruption officials from China. The remainder constitutes a voluntary contribution from China to IACA's budget.

China’s contribution is greatly appreciated as it supports the organization’s work in empowering anti-corruption and compliance professionals across the globe.

Having become a Party to IACA in 2014, China has been actively supporting the Academy ever since. China’s continuous support to IACA's programmes and activities aimed at empowering anti-corruption professionals around the globe is of particular importance and will hopefully encourage other Parties and stakeholders to provide additional support to the Academy.

Voluntary contributions by Parties are mentioned as a core element of the organization’s financing under Article XI.(1).a of the IACA Agreement. Click here for further details.

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