IBA brings its take on global anti-corruption developments to IACA

Pascale Dubois, the World Bank’s Chief Suspension and Debarment Officer, moderated a panel at IACA yesterday on global anti-corruption developments, sparking a thought-provoking debate among experts, students, and alumni.

The panellists included several members of the International Bar Association (IBA) Anti-Corruption Committee: Nicola Bonucci, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Legal Affairs Director, Robert Wyld and James Tillen, Co-Chairs of the Committee, as well as international lawyers Bruno Cova from Italy, Edward Davis from the United States, Sevi Firat from Turkey, Leopoldo Pagotto from Brazil, Babajide Ogundipe from Nigeria, and Eoin O’Shea from Ireland/ United Kingdom.

How have regulatory trends and the methodologies employed by international actors enforcing them evolved over time? How can corporate-self-protection be ensured, from cooperation to self-reporting and settlement? Why is whistleblowing becoming a fast gaining currency and how should whistleblowers’ legal protection be strengthened?

These were some of the core questions addressed last night. Participants also engaged in a lively discussion on emerging trends regarding civil remedies for victims and the policy dilemmas that these raise.

Ms. Dubois also spoke about sanctions and anti-corruption efforts at the World Bank and shared case studies on how corruption impacts development. “For a healthy prevention of corruption, you always, always have to have enforcement,” she emphasized.

The panel was organized in the framework of Module V of IACA’s Master of Arts in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) programme. Apart from the MACS 2014-2016 class, participants from IACA’s tailor-made training for the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia and alumni also joined the discussion.

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