IACA to Receive Funding Under the Siemens Integrity Initiative

The Siemens Integrity Initiative announced that it will support IACA activities with 4.98 million USD in the next four years. This is the largest donation made by the private sector so far to the organization’s anti-corruption education and research.

IACA’s proposal was selected among the first group of recipients under the Siemens Integrity Initiative’s second round of funding. It aims to support a long-term project on collective action, compliance and (private sector) anti-corruption, which will provide in-depth analyses in these fields and offer capacity-building programmes and technical assistance to promote fair market conditions. What is more, the project also allows for providing grants to individuals from Least Developed Countries and Emerging Markets to enable their participation in IACA’s trainings.

With total funding of more than 100 million USD, the Siemens Integrity Initiative constitutes one element of the July 2009 settlement between Siemens and the World Bank and the March 2013 settlement between Siemens and the European Investment Bank. Funding applications were received from more than 180 well-known non-profit organizations from about 60 countries.

Already in 2010, IACA was awarded 2 million USD by the Siemens Integrity Initiative to co-finance its Summer Academy and provide scholarships for participants from Least Developed Countries and Emerging Markets, over five years. More than 250 anti-corruption professionals from over 100 countries have benefitted from this important initiative.

We are grateful for this continuous support for empowering professionals.

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