On Best Practices with the Kazakh Academy of Public Administration

IACA received the Rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan yesterday, on 11 November.

Rector Bolatbek Abdarassilov disclosed that a number of important economic and legislative reforms in the fight against corruption are being introduced in Kazakhstan. As such, the training of government employees on good practices and policies in anti-corruption will be a crucial component of reform.

The delegation was interested to learn about IACA’s approach to the development of capacity building programmes, its existing standardized and tailor-made trainings, as well as the Master in Anti-Corruption Studies.

Apart from offering training opportunities for Kazakh officials, the Rector cited that the Academy’s best practices will also serve as a great source of knowledge for the Academy of Public Administration in building on its own.

Kazakhstan joined IACA as a State Party in December 2013.

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