Report on GRECO Round IV Evaluations in Strasbourg

An in-depth report on emerging trends from the experiences of two years of GRECO Round IV Evaluations will be presented at the 65th GRECO plenary meeting in Strasbourg this week. It is the first general stocktaking of results and perspectives since the round was launched in January 2012.

The ongoing fourth round of evaluations focuses on strengthening the capacity of parliamentarians, judges, and prosecutors in their own ranks. The priority issues addressed in respect of the functions under review include ethical principles, rules of conduct, and conflicts of interest; prohibitions of restrictions on certain activities; declarations of assets, income, liabilities, and interest; the enforcement of applicable rules; and awareness.

The report was compiled by Mr. Glaser and Ms. Haubender from the Vienna University of Economics and Business on the basis of discussions at a multi-stakeholder conference in April this year. The conference was organized by GRECO, the Austrian Ministry of Justice, and IACA, with financial support from the Principality of Monaco.

GRECO Round IV Evaluations Conference Report

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