Conference on Global Importance of IACA and Comparative Strategies in Combating Corruption

On 20 April, the Dean of the International Anti-Corruption Academy, Mr. Thomas Stelzer, participated in the conference on "Global Importance of IACA and Comparative Strategies in Combating Corruption". The event was the first in a series of High-Level Conferences on Compliance, Anti-Corruption, and International Cooperation: Global Aspects. It was organized by the World Compliance Association - Colombia Chapter in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, the Embassy of Austria in Colombia, and IACA.

In addition to the Dean of IACA, other members of the Panel were: Ms. Adriana Mejía (Vice Minister of Multilateral Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia), Mr. Diego Cabezuela (International President of the WCA), Ms. Michèle Ramis (Ambassador of France to Colombia), Ms. Patricia Llombart (Ambassador of the European Union to Colombia), Mr. Daniel Rodriguez (Chair of the Colombian Chapter of ICC Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption). The event was moderated by Mr. Carlos Betancourt (President of the Colombia Chapter – World Compliance Association).

The purpose of the conference was to contribute to and strengthen the knowledge required to develop academic capacities and enhance international cooperation on the fight against corruption. The speakers underlined that as corruption is a transnational phenomenon with many forms and manifestations, to fight it the international community need to work toward strengthening compliance, transparency, and accountability in both the public and private sectors. In this context the role played by normative frameworks, such as the UN Convention against Corruption, the UN 2030 Agenda process, as well as regional initiatives led by OAS, OECD, UNODC and the European Union was particularly highlighted.

In his address the Dean of IACA called for the strengthening of international anti-corruption efforts and said that this can only be achieved if workable frameworks for international cooperation are created.  In his view, one of the vital areas for international cooperation is the anti-corruption training, capacity-building, and research. The Dean added that over the last ten years IACA provided a substantive contribution in this area and is willing to open up more opportunities for collaboration and partnerships that will increase its capacity to spread anti-corruption knowledge.

The event was recorded and can be watched using the following link.

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