Siemens Integrity Initiative expands its support to IACA activities

IACA is proud to announce that the Siemens Integrity Initiative will expand its support to IACA activities under the Golden Stretch Funding Round, with 2 million USD in the next three years. IACA’s Project Proposal was selected together with seven other proposals submitted by esteemed institutions.

In the framework of this Project, IACA will focus on empowering practitioners from Least Developed Countries and Emerging Markets (LDCs/EMs) to contribute to enhanced accountability, transparency, promotion of alliances and networking, and to instil good governance into their respective governments, businesses, and societies. This will be done in particular through awarding merit-based scholarships for IACA master’s programmes and holding Summer Academy and Regional Summer Academy (RSA) programmes. Regional IACA Alumni Conferences will also be organized in parallel to the RSAs in Central and South America and South and South-Eastern Asia, to address, inter alia, regional anti-corruption challenges, exchange best practices, and promote the implementation of anti-corruption and Collective Action initiatives.

An innovative objective of this project is the design and implementation of the Collective Action Impact Hub, which will guide and mentor participants throughout the implementation of Collective Action initiatives in LDCs/EMs.

Finally, IACA will gather and systematize empirical evidence of Siemens funded projects´ outcomes aimed at developing a clean business environment and leveling the playing field. This evidence will include a learning and training toolkit for further replication and implementation.

The Academy is currently implementing activities under the Third Funding Round of the Siemens Integrity Initiative funding, which started in February 2020, and will end in September 2024. Furthermore, IACA has already participated in the First (2010) and Second (2014) Funding Rounds under the Initiative, when numerous activities were implemented to support the global fight against corruption.

The Academy is grateful to the Siemens Integrity Initiative for its continued support for empowering professionals to fight corruption, improving compliance, pursuing Collective Action Initiatives, and strengthening the global anti-corruption alumni network.

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