Fighting Corruption at Local Level

Municipal corruption fighters from a dozen countries around the world were on campus last week for IACA’s fourth annual Anti-Corruption in Local Governance Training.

The five-day programme featured internationally renowned professors and practitioners – such as R. MacLean-Abaroa (Harvard University), J. Maesschalck (Leuven Institute of Criminology), and A. Vasilache, local government anti-corruption expert - from Belgium, Bolivia, Romania, and the United States of America.

Participants discussed anti-corruption methodologies and reforms at local level, ethical dilemmas, organizational integrity, and other topics. Additional highlights included a case study on fighting corruption in La Paz, Bolivia, and a study visit to Vienna city hall.

Anti-Corruption in Local Governance Training aims to give participants an in-depth understanding of the types and mechanisms of corruption in local government and enhance their capacity to strengthen integrity systems.

It is designed for, among others, local politicians, municipal leaders, regional government administrators, officials from anti-corruption agencies, experts from ombudsman offices and local anti-corruption organizations, and governance specialists from development organizations.

Last week’s participants are now members of the IACA alumni network, consisting of anti-corruption and compliance professionals in some 150 countries.


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