El Salvador Delegation Visits IACA

Senior officials from the Court of Accounts of El Salvador were at IACA last week for discussions regarding possible joint initiatives within the framework of the country’s anti-corruption efforts.

Mr. Rodrigo Antonio Barahona, President of the Court of Accounts, emphasized that El Salvador is keen to ensure the sustainability of its anti-corruption work with the help of the Academy’s programmes and activities.

This was followed by an update on current and future developments at IACA by Mr. Martin Kreutner, Dean and Executive Secretary. Mr. Kreutner reiterated the organization’s willingness to strengthen cooperation with El Salvador, including through the Court of Accounts, and to see more of the country’s anti-corruption and compliance professionals participate in IACA’s trainings.

Last week’s discussions followed a previous bilateral meeting in March between Mr. Barahona and Mr. Kreutner during the VII International Anti-Corruption Conference in Lima, Peru.

The Court of Accounts of El Salvador is an independent body of the executive branch in charge of overseeing the public finances and in particular the execution of the budget. Its powers are determined by the Constitution, and its operation, jurisdiction, and administrative regime are regulated by the special law governing its performance.

El Salvador acceded to the Agreement for the Establishment of IACA as an International Organization in March 2016.

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