IACA Strengthens Links with Latin America

IACA further reinforced ties with its Latin American partners last week at a high-level conference and numerous bilateral meetings in Lima, Peru.

On 1 March Mr. Martin Kreutner, IACA’s Dean and Executive Secretary, gave a keynote speech at the VII International Anti-Corruption Conference, an annual gathering in Lima that brings together experts from around the world to explore current challenges and solutions in the region. Organized by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Peru, this year’s event celebrated the opening of the Office’s new National Training Center.

Mr. Kreutner, who also gave a keynote address at this conference in 2016, focused on the challenges of training professionals in the fight against corruption. In addition, Martín Zapata, a member of IACA’s academic team in the Compliance and Collective Action Department, participated in the conference as a panellist during a session on “Integrity and Gender in Public Management.”

The Comptroller General’s Office is the primary independent auditor in Peru’s National Control System, responsible for supervising the legality of government spending, public debt operations, and the actions of institutions under its control.

Furthermore, the IACA delegation also held several bilateral meetings with counterparts from Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, and Peru to discuss further cooperation in the fight against corruption.

IACA held its first Regional Summer Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November 2015 with a focus on fighting and preventing corruption in Latin America. It has also signed memoranda of understanding with a number of institutions in the region.


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