New Seminar: Emerging Technologies and Compliance

New Seminar: Emerging Technologies and Compliance

How will blockchain, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and big data shape business models and regulatory compliance frameworks? A new IACA seminar on 21 - 22 September about How Emerging Technologies Will Drive Changes in Compliance Systems will offer fresh practical insights for professionals on these big questions.

Aimed at professionals involved with the business sector, the programme will examine the compliance opportunities, risks, and challenges associated with these and other disruptive technologies. It will feature expert practitioners and interactive peer discussion, as well as excellent networking opportunities.

This seminar will feature experts Katarzyna Maria Ciupa, Business Analyst and Project Manager, IoT Austria Mentor, and Head of "Bit'n'Block Academy", in addition to Peter Ebenhoch, Partner and Senior Consultant at Effectas GmbH, and Alexander Petsche, Partner at Baker McKenzie. They will be joined from IACA’s faculty by Han-Kyun Rho, Professor for Collective Action, Compliance and (private sector) Anti-Corruption and Pawan Kumar Sinha, Academic Programmes Director.

This seminar is the first in an IACA series focusing on disruptive technologies. Each subsequent seminar will look at a specific technology and its impact on regulatory and anti-corruption compliance.

Click here for more information on the seminar and how to register.

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