IACA Delivers Procurement Anti-Corruption Training

IACA Delivers Procurement Anti-Corruption Training

The on-site part of IACA’s Procurement Anti-Corruption Training is underway, with participants from 12 countries around the globe on campus from 5 to 9 September. They come from public institutions, anti-corruption authorities, government ministries, and the NGO sector.

This annual programme, now in its fourth year, trains professionals in practical strategies for highlighting risks and reducing corruption in public procurement. It is taught by leading experts Prof. Christopher Yukins from the George Washington University Law School and Max Kaiser Aranda from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), both of whom are frequent visiting IACA faculty.

The four-week training opened on 22 August with a two-week home-based phase, followed by the current on-site part in Laxenburg. The classroom sessions include team exercises addressing key issues in procurement and corruption, such as corruption during emergencies, electronic reverse auctions, and corporate compliance. Other topics include contract formation and performance, bribery and collusion, investigations, transparency, UN conventions, potential impact on human rights, and conflicts of interest.

The training concludes with a further week of distance learning ending on 16 September, during which time each participant will finalize a paper recommending a plausible anti-corruption strategy and describing how it would be executed in his or her country.

Participants who successfully complete the programme will receive 6 ECTS credits under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.

Procurement Anti-Corruption Training is open to professionals from around the world who have a minimum of three years’ work experience dealing with procurement issues. For more information, please click here.


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