Start of IACA Regional Summer Academy – Eastern Africa

IACA’s Regional Summer Academy – Eastern Africa began on Saturday in Kampala, Uganda, bringing together anti-corruption and compliance professionals from 14 East African countries and Burkina Faso.

The 60 participants represent the public and private sectors, media, civil society, and international organizations, while the 14 expert lecturers include 10 from East Africa as well as frequent visiting IACA faculty such as Robert Klitgaard, Professor at Claremont Graduate University.

On Saturday participants were given a detailed overview of current corruption issues in Eastern Africa by Brian Kagoro, previously Regional Programme Advisor for the UNDP’s Africa Governance and Public Administration Programme. This was followed by a lively teambuilding session with Jeff Sebuyira, a capacity-building expert and Managing Partner at Imprint (U) Ltd. The following day, Prof. Klitgaard led sessions on good governance and political will.

The seven-day interdisciplinary programme, which runs until 9 September, aims to empower professionals in Eastern Africa with a deeper understanding of corruption and durable strategies to counter it. In the coming days other renowned professors and practitioners will combine theory and case studies with interactive group work.

The programme is funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation, in cooperation with IACA.

IACA Regional Summer Academy is a series of programmes modelled on IACA’s successful annual Summer Academy. Each edition caters to a different part of the world and is designed to meet the regional needs of anti-corruption and compliance professionals. The first IACA Regional Summer Academy was for Latin America and took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in November 2015.


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