Strengthening Anti-Corruption in Local Government

IACA’s third Anti-Corruption in Local Governance Training is taking place on campus this week, giving professionals the chance to learn and share experiences with leading academics and practitioners in the field.

The five-day programme gives an in-depth understanding of the various types and mechanisms of corruption in local governance and enhances participants’ capacity to develop measures for strengthening integrity systems. It is designed for, among others, mayors, local politicians, regional government administrators, municipal leaders, experts from ombudsman offices and local anti-corruption organizations, and governance specialists from development organizations.

Running from 11 to 15 July, this year’s edition includes lectures, case studies, analysis of anti-corruption strategies, and classroom discussions with international experts, as well as a study visit to Vienna city hall.

The lecturers on the programme are Nikos Passas (IACA) and some of the Academy’s frequent visiting faculty: Ronald MacLean-Abaroa, a former mayor of La Paz, Bolivia, Ana Vasilache (Partners Foundation for Local Development, Romania), and Jeroen Maesschalck (Leuven Institute of Criminology).

For more details about this programme and other open trainings at IACA, click here.


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