IACA Looks Forward to a Busy 2016

IACA is currently finalizing a full agenda of programmes and trainings for 2016. Applications for the fourth Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) programme and the sixth annual Summer Academy are now open, and numerous other trainings will follow soon.

Further open trainings scheduled for 2016 include, among others, a “Best Of” seminar with a renowned figure in the anti-corruption world (7 - 8 July), Anti-Corruption in Local Governance Training (11 - 15 July), and Procurement Anti-Corruption Training (22 August - 16 September). The second Regional Summer Academy is also on the agenda, this time catering to professionals from East Africa.

Tailor-made trainings are IACA’s customized programmes for specific organizations, corporations, or institutions, addressing the unique challenges each one faces in preventing and fighting corruption. Examples include a current training at IACA for Vigilance Officers from India's Central Vigilance Commission (1 - 12 February), one for representatives of Eurasian Economic Union Member States in May, and many more.

The 2016 – 2018 MACS class starts its studies in October 2016. It will be the fourth intake to the two-year programme, which is specifically designed for working professionals who wish to pursue their studies while remaining fully employed. The first MACS class graduated in December 2014, the second (2014 – 2016) is due to graduate in December this year, and the third (2015 – 2017) will be back at IACA in February for the second of the programme’s seven modules.

Participants in this year’s Summer Academy, which is taking place from 1 to 8 July, will follow in the footsteps of nearly 350 professionals from more than 100 countries who attended the programme in its first five years. This training is designed for professionals looking to consolidate their experience and enlarge their competences to better counter corruption.

IACA’s programmes and trainings, which feature world-leading academics and practitioners, continue to receive excellent feedback from participants and the international community alike. In 2015, for example, their importance was also explicitly recognized by resolutions of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations General Assembly and the sixth Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption.


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