IACA hosts Forum on Compliance and Sponsoring

Senior figures from the corporate and public sectors gathered at IACA this week for a high-level forum on compliance and sponsoring issues that was co-organized by the Academy and the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Austria.

The forum featured discussions with representatives of major firms including Hewlett-Packard, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, Atos, Motorola, Philip Morris International, Red Bull, and Baker & McKenzie. The Ministry was represented by senior officials including Hermann Feiner, Director General and a member of IACA’s Board of Governors.

Representing IACA were Martin Kreutner, Dean and Executive Secretary, and Michael Hershman, Chairperson of IACA’s International Senior Advisory Board, who gave a keynote speech.

The gathering successfully generated open discussion between high-ranking compliance officers from large private companies and senior officials from the Ministry.

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