Meetings of the Members of the Board of Governors and Advisory Boards

From 2 to 4 June, members of four of IACA’s organs - the Board of Governors, the International Senior Advisory Board (ISAB), the International Academic Advisory Board (IAAB), and the Dean – came together at IACA’s Palais Kaunitz-Wittgenstein.

This was the first collective meeting of the three boards and the Dean. Together, they discussed the implementation of the Work Programme 2014 – 2016, possible strategies for ensuring the financial resources of the Academy, and preparations for the third session of IACA's Assembly of Parties.

The Boards also met individually to further work on issues under their spheres of competence by virtue of the Agreement for the Establishment of IACA as an International Organization. As this was the first official meeting of the Advisory Boards, procedural issues were also on the agenda. Michael Hershman was elected Chairperson of the ISAB and Hugette Labelle Vice Chairperson, while Hans-Heiner Kühne was elected Chairperson of the IAAB and Daniel Li Ming-chak Vice Chairperson.

The meetings of the Advisory Boards were made possible owing to a generous contribution by the Republic of Austria.

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