“Best Of“ Seminar with Pascale Dubois - Come Learn and Share Some Tips and Tricks to Fight International Corruption

There are still a couple of seats left for the International Anti-Corruption Academy’s (IACA) “Best Of” Seminar with Pascale Dubois on 12 - 13 November 2021.

Prof. Pascale is an award-winning world leading expert on anti-corruption, compliance, corporate governance, and risk management, as well as an experienced international lawyer. The two-day Seminar will cover the international anti-corruption movement and where it is headed next under the Covid-19 pandemic. Prof. Dubois will also go over tips and tricks, as well as institutional solutions for curbing international corruption.

The programme will be delivered in an online format and include three one-hour sessions per day. Participants will also be able to watch the recorded sessions after the training for a limited time. Certificates of Completion will be awarded to the attendees.

Join Pascale as she discusses key anti-corruption topics through the “best of” her work and experiences in the field! Register and find more information on our programme page.


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