IACA’s 11th “Best Of” Seminar Delivered by Pascale Dubois

On 12-13 November 2021, IACA delivered its 11th edition of the “Best Of” seminar series, this time featuring Prof. Pascale Dubois, an award-winning and leading expert on international anti-corruption, corporate governance, and risk management, as well as an eminent international lawyer.

The sessions were conducted online and benefited from a diverse and high-level group of participants. The seminar raised key anti-corruption topics, covering best practices, trends, and case-studies, showcased through the “Best Of” Prof. Dubois’ work and experience. In particular, she shared tips and tricks to fight international corruption with concrete examples and practical cases which enabled participants to engage in active discussions. The lively and interactive sessions encouraged the participants to reflect on their own contexts throughout the seminar. 

Past editions of the “Best Of” seminars have featured internationally renowned experts including Johann Graf Lambsdorff (University of Passau), Michael Johnston (Colgate University), Robert Klitgaard (Claremont Graduate University), Drago Kos (Chair of the OECD Working Group on Bribery), Guido Palazzo (University of Lausanne), Susan Rose-Ackerman (Yale University), Bo Rothstein (University of Gothenburg), and Tina Søreide (Norwegian School of Economics).

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