IACA’s campus is located in the town of Laxenburg near Vienna, Austria.

Once upon a time, Laxenburg was frequented by the Austrian imperial court and served as a summer residence for generations of aristocrats. It still offers an atmospheric glimpse into that era as well as a conducive learning environment for today’s anti-corruption and compliance professionals.

The town has an old imperial castle, parts of which date back to the 13th century, with vast gardens and a picturesque lake.

It also boasts a number of palaces, an old railway station, and plenty of greenery for recreation and relaxation. IACA is housed in the 17th century Palais Kaunitz Wittgenstein.

Legend has it that Mozart’s symphonies once echoed through its chambers. The historic building has passed through the hands of many aristocrats and served as a military hospital, girls’ school, and community centre before finally passing to IACA.

In 2010, the building was renovated by the government of Lower Austria and transformed into a modern facility, with its ancient charm preserved. Today, it features seminar rooms of different sizes and a ceremonial hall, which was once a ballroom, providing ample space for trainings, conferences, and other events.



International Anti-Corruption Academy

Laxenburg/Vienna, Austria  |  T: +43 2236 710 718 101

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Laxenburg/Vienna, Austria  |  T: +43 2236 710 718 101

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