Selected Master’s Theses


Selected Master’s Theses

Master’s Theses

Here we present some some examples of master’s theses by graduates of IACA’s Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) and International Master in Anti-Corruption Compliance and Collective Action (IMACC) programme for which independent research was conducted.

Publication of MACS and IMACC theses on the IACA website is an ongoing process, and we will add more works as we secure the authors’ permissions for online publication.

Hard copies of all MACS and IMACC theses are available in the IACA library.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Canadian Whistleblowing Law

Frédéric St-Martin

2012 – 2014 Class

Corruption Prevention and Control in the Humanitarian Space: Paving the Way from Naivety to Compliance

Malika Aït-Mohamed Parent

2014 – 2016 Class

Institutional Corruption: The Australian Department of Defence’s Achilles Heel

Michael Callan

2014 – 2016 Class

Reforming the System of Asset Declaration in Malaysia as a Strategy to Combat Corruption

Chin Chin Hong

2014 – 2016 Class 

Collusion in Public Procurement and Bureaucratic Corruption: Uncertainties, Transaction Costs, and Institutional Change

Diogo Moretti

2014 – 2016 Class

Institutional multiplicity and coordination in the fight against corruption: Comparative study between El Salvador and Guatemala

Gabriela Ibarra

2015 – 2017 Class

Rents, Rent-Seeking and Corruption in Transnational Labour Migration: A Case Study of Labour Migration from Bangladesh to Malaysia

Rezaul Karim

2015 – 2017 Class

Repairing Institutions for the Adoption of Anti-Corruption Strategy by Variously-Sized Firms: A Case Study of Indian Customs

Mallika Mahajan

2015 – 2017 Class 

Assessing the Role of the Anti-Money Laundering Framework in Curbing Corruption of Politically Exposed Persons. A Case Study of Banks in Uganda

Timothy Bacwa

2016 – 2018 Class 


The impact of institutional arrangements for anti-corruption efforts on combating corruption

Maureen Mwalabu

2016 – 2018 Class


The impact of corporate settlements on incentives for international cooperation in multijurisdictional bribery cases

Renato Capanema

2016 – 2018 Class


The Influence of Incentive Structures on Collective Action: The Case of Anti-Corruption Collective Action in Malawi

Ipyana Musopole

2015 – 2017 Class


Syndicate Corruption in Public Finance Management: Dynamics, Vulnerabilities and Possible Strategies. A Case Study of Central Government of Uganda

Grace Atwongyeire

2016 – 2018 Class

Under the Umbrella: Youth and anti-corruption in Hong Kong

Lannie Su

2017 – 2019 Class

The Role of Lawyers in Judicial Corruption in China and Suggestions on how to Mitigate Judicial Corruption

Ming Wu

2017 – 2019 Class

Computerised and (not) Corrupt Government? Assessing the Effectiveness of E-Governance as An Antidote to Corruption in Public Service A Case Study of Malawi

Wesley Chalo Kawelo Mwafulirwa

2017 – 2019 Class 

BEFORE SUNRISE? Lessons for Austria from US and French Sunshine legislation regarding doctor-pharma relationships

Otto Kerbl

2016 – 2018 Class

Corporate Liability for Corruption in Malawi: The Policy Legal and Regulatory Issues

Atuweni Juwayeyi-Agbermodji

2017 – 2019 Class 

Right to Information Act and its effectiveness as a tool to fight corruption in Bangladesh

A S M Sajjad Hossain

2018 – 2020 Class 

To Tell or Not to Tell: Lawyers’ Reporting Obligation as a Tool to Combat Corruption Vis-àvis Lawyer-Client Privilege

Salome Chapeyama

2019 – 2021 Class 

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