IACSA 2013 IIThe third annual International Anti-Corruption Summer Academy (IACSA) drew to a close last weekend after an action-packed, ten-day programme where science met practice. Seventy participants took part this year, representing over 50 countries, from Canada to Argentina to India.

Their diverse fields of work, educational backgrounds, and experience provided for an enriching atmosphere and ample networking opportunities.

A team of thirteen renowned lecturers delivered an interdisciplinary programme, linking theoretical concepts and practical action in an effort to build capacity. The role of various actors and international instruments in eradicating corruption and promoting the rule of law was examined, as was corruption’s relation to international development, financial and economic crime, and human security.

Participants also learned about organizational change and the challenges of building and maintaining effective multinational compliance programmes through the case studies of multinational business corporations. The taxonomies of corruption, ethical impacts, and social implications, empowering citizens and civil society, as well as the need for targeted interventions in corruption prone areas, were also among the lecture topics.

This year, roundtables focused on transparency and public administration, the role of education in corruption, and business and reporting of corruption. The former was organized with the LexisNexis Compliance Network, bringing together IACSA participants and representatives of the business community.

Teambuilding activities complemented the academic side of the programme, and participants also had the chance to visit the UN Headquarters in Vienna and Wachau region, take part in a sports tournament, and other social events. For a detailed IACSA 2013 programme, click here.

The International Anti-Corruption Summer Academy is sponsored by the Siemens Integrity Initiative and will be offered again in July 2014.