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"MACS is a program for people who have a passion about leaving a better world and at the same time people who want to make the most out of life, working and studying at the same time. Being in a classroom with 17 different nationalities is a unique experience by itself. The teachers are passionate about the topics and renowned worldwide. If you want to take the fight seriously, this is the place to be."

Bernardo Damm, Head of the Regulatory Affairs Office, FEMSA Mexico. MACS 2017 – 2019 class

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IACA is a place where theory meets practice and people from different nations exchange cutting edge perspectives and experiences in anti-corruption. The learning environment is amazing. IACA, and particularly the MACS, is a prism of different approaches – a hub where global anti-corruption practice is interrogated and validated, and new approaches unveiled through critical thought and innovation. When it comes to anti-corruption programmes around the world, I know no better than the MACS.

Musa Modoi, Advisor, Human Rights and Accountability, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Uganda. MACS 2017 – 2019 class

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"The MACS programme has a solid structure, analysing corruption from all relevant angles. The programme is truly multidisciplinary and offers state of the art insights on fighting corruption through discussions with renowned academics and practitioners. The course has been highly relevant for my career. In my job I benefit a lot from the knowledge and international network I have developed during the MACS programme." 

Mirte van den Berge, Strategic Analyst / Deputy Head Intelligence Centre, Security and Integrity Management, ABN AMRO Bank. MACS 2016 – 2018 class

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"IACA’s Master programme in Anti-Corruption is a fabulous course. This course has enabled me to view corruption from perspectives I never imagined existed. Apart from being exposed to the lectures by the best academics and experts from the field, cross-cultural interaction with fellow students on the MACS programme from 18 nationalities is so enriching and profound - both professionally and personally."

Nitish Kumar, Dy. Inspector General of Police, South Kashmir Range, Jammu & Kashmir, India. MACS 2015 - 2017 class

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“Every day I appreciate the finer nuances of anti-corruption strategy that I have learnt during the MACS. It has enabled me to read the finer print of the law, understand the value of well-functioning institutions in a state, and better understand the economic impact of corruption. The world-class faculty are remarkable and our class has students from all continents and professional backgrounds. IACA and my wonderful classmates have left indelible memories.”

Mallika Mahajan, Commissioner, Central GST, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, India. MACS 2015 - 2017 class

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“The standard of the material is unmatched and the academics and experts are of high quality. The knowledge gives me tools and ideas that can readily be implemented and it has added great value in reshaping our approaches to fighting corruption.”

Ipyana Musopole, Principal Corruption Prevention Officer, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Malawi. MACS 2015 - 2017 class


“Because of the specific spectrum of knowledge made available to participants, the MACS is an opportunity to incubate innovative thinking. The programme also gives access to a unique worldwide network of experts via IACA’s alumni.”

Malika Ait-Mohamed Parent, former Under-Secretary General, International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Switzerland. MACS 2014 - 2016 class 

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"Completing graduate studies in the same area as my work will enhance my use of development tools to fight corruption. Since starting my studies at IACA, I have come to know many people of different nationalities and specializations. This has contributed to the exchange of information, views, and experiences, enhanced my knowledge, and opened up other possible cooperation aspects.” 

Mohammed Alabsi, Head of Anti-Financial and Cyber Crime Unit, Gulf Cooperation Council Police. MACS 2014 - 2016 class


“The IACA multi-disciplinary approach teaches students to develop active networks, inside and outside their organization, working at a national and international level to deter and disrupt corruption while at the same time developing a long-term strategy to build resistance to corruption.”

Michael Callan, Inspector General (ret.), Australian Department of Defence, Australia. MACS 2014 - 2016 class

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 "The MACS programme at IACA has been an absolute game-changer for me. The content is rich and the in-class analysis is in depth and apt for anti-corruption crusaders everywhere. The professors are compelling and the learning atmosphere is terrific. IACA takes the enquiry into corruption to a different level. This knowledge is invaluable for the work I do. There is nothing like the MACS. It is simply brilliant."

Alhassan Kargbo, Public Relations Officer, Anti-Corruption Commission, Sierra Leone. MACS 2014 - 2016 class

 Chris Moll    

"If you are looking for a programme that fuses international academic insights on multiple aspects of anti-corruption with practical hands-on accounts from all corners of the globe, stop here. I experienced the MACS 2014 as rich, rewarding and inspiring, due to the involvement of renowned academics and dedicated high-level practitioners from jurisdictions worldwide. It broadened my scope, it has served me professionally already. The MACS 2016 program will surely mirror this too. Highly recommended."

Chris Moll, Executive Director, Lexchange,  The Netherlands. MACS 2014 - 2016 class

 Archana Shastri    "Participants from the corporate sector can benefit from the knowledge and skills gained through the MACS programme that can help them craft more effective compliance policies and trainings, and handle internal complianceinvestigations more skillfully to better contribute to the overall fight against corruption."

Archana Shastri, Integrity & Compliance Officer-Asia, MTU Asia, Singapore. MACS 2014 - 2016 class


"I really feel that the MACS experience can help me make a difference in my work, especially by thinking outside the box and proposing new approaches to typical Brazilian corruption problems, based on theories to which we are exposed during the course and that are discussed in the classroom among experts from all over the world."

Rogerio Vieira dos Reis, Planning and Evaluation Coordinator, Ministry of Transparency, Monitoring and Control, Brazil. MACS 2014 - 2016 class

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"I really enjoyed the MACS programme because of the diversity of people that I interacted with, not only culturally but also from a career perspective. Part of the driver for me in signing up was to learn about what other corporations are doing and what best practices would be."

Karen Schonfelder, Head, Compliance Program Office and Compliance Officer (Acting), SNC-Lavalin, Canada. MACS 2012 - 2014

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"IACA provided me the best guidance of great professors from the world’s prestigious universities and gave me the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and learn from the experience of my colleagues, to see models across the world and helped me broaden my vision and think more globally. The knowledge I obtained is invaluable and highly relevant to my day-to-day work. This is a master’s programme for practitioners that goes beyond theory, deep into very practical aspects of the activity that helped me to gain a valuable flair, useful for my work in the field of anti-corruption." 

Florica Dragomir, Expert at the National Anti-Corruption Directorate Romania, MACS 2012 - 2014 class

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"I just couldn’t think of a better place to study. Being a practicing lawyer, I don’t think I could have ever taken a programme full-time. However, this programme allowed me to combine my work with my studies and get the most out of it."

Arjun Ahluwalia, Partner at Argentum Law, United Arab Emirates. MACS 2012 - 2014 class