IACA offers tailor-made trainings which are specifically adapted to the needs of a specific organization, company, or institution. The range of thematic areas in this section is wide. It can vary from specific trainings on introducing employees to the major international and regional legal frameworks in the realm of combating corruption to specific trainings on thematic issue areas of most concern to the institution.

Organizations, corporations, and institutions interested in a tailor-made training designed by IACA are encouraged to contact us with their specific needs and ideas for a training proposal. IACA will then draft a proposal for such a programme, taking the sector and needs put forward by our clients into account. A curriculum will be developed in close consultation with the counterpart, and subject matter experts and renowned practitioners commissioned as lecturers.

Depending on the wishes of our clients, tailor-made trainings will take place at the IACA campus, at the requesting organization, or elsewhere. The Academy can also deliver follow up trainings.