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One of the challenges of anti-corruption compliance and thought leadership is that there are many points of engagement and inspiring perspectives, but they are globally dispersed. IACA has bridged those gaps by bringing together academic, business and compliance leaders from across the globe. Students come to the Academy from the private sector, public policy, NGO, and other fields to enhance their own approaches to anti-corruption and compliance. In this setting, learning is a two-way street, and classes are an exchange of viewpoints, ideas and experiences between students and lecturers from all over the world.

Richard Bistrong

CEO, Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC
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Teaching hinges on teaching both content and skills. I want my students to develop a holistic approach of addressing corruption risks: to understand the legal bases and to make connections with people, to understand the reasoning for their actions. I share my broad practical experience from a legal advisory and in-house perspective, from the industry and the NGO sector. But good teaching also depends upon intellectual exchange - the interactions with professionals of diverse backgrounds at the IMACC classroom offer exactly that!

Heike J. Boehme

Qualified attorney, admitted to the German bar since 2005, and Chief Operating Officer at the Group Compliance Department of a leading multinational automotive corporation

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The IMACC is the most complete program on compliance and collective action that I know. It combines a multi-disciplinary approach with academic depth and practical insights. IACA’s truly international vocation and mandate make the IMACC an outstanding opportunity for all those interested in fighting corruption from the business sector.

Martim Della Valle

Chief of Compliance at AB-InBev, Board Member of Transparency International Belgium
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The International Anti-Corruption Academy once again demonstrates its innovative approach to ethics and good governance by announcing the start of the new master’s degree programme in anti-corruption compliance and collective action. The curriculum for this programme is designed for compliance and ethics professionals who want to increase their knowledge in areas such as best practices in compliance, ethics, risk management, internal investigations, and collective action.

Michael Hershman

Co-founder of Transparency International and
Chairperson of IACA’s International Senior Advisory Board

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IACA‘s Master Program in Compliance and Collective Action is the perfect opportunity for professionals seeking to advance their careers through a truly interdisciplinary program. Legal, economic, accounting, auditing, management and IT approaches are well balanced through the program to examine complex integrity and anticorruption issues. The geographical and professional diversity of students and faculty makes IMACC a unique experience.

Guillermo Jorge

Partner at Governance Latam and Global Adjunct Professor at New York University 

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Since its foundation, IACA's broad interdisciplinary orientation has been one of its great strengths. This has led to the design of programmes that reach beyond disciplinary boundaries, placing IACA at a competitive advantage compared to many other programmes around the world. The new IMACC master’s degree continues this tradition and promises to be a strong contribution to anti-corruption as well as an excellent opportunity for those seeking a career in anti-corruption in the private sector.

Johann Graf Lambsdorff

Professor of Economic Theory, University of Passau
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In today’s rapidly changing world of regulatory complexity, the importance of values that openly and honestly live up to a culture of Responsible Business Conduct is now more relevant and significant than ever before. Fighting corruption and misconduct can never be tackled in silos, but rather through building alliances with companies, governments, and NGOs to enable level playing fields, and sustainable and fair market conditions. This is “Collective Action”. The International Master in Anti-Corruption Compliance and Collective Action (IMACC) offers compliance and anti-corruption professionals a unique opportunity to sharpen their skills and stimulate Collective Action thought leadership through a programme that joins theory to practice.

Klaus Moosmayer

Chief Compliance Officer, Siemens AG
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Whether for a student or a professor, IMACC creates the rarest of opportunities:  an intimate group of students who, despite or even because of their diverse backgrounds, find commonality in their desire to learn, their years of professional experience, and their shared commitment to an ethic of anti-corruption compliance. I've had the good fortune to teach anti-corruption law all around the world, and I've never seen anything like it.

Andy Spalding

Professor of Law, University of Richmond